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Honoring the Cycles

As we shift into colder temperatures and longer periods of darkness here in the Norther Hemisphere, our natural tendency is to retreat, to go inward, to hibernate. Like bears. We too are animals and during Winter, the animals rest more, eat less and seek warmth - curling up into a ball comes to mind. It seems so counter-intuitive that in our human animal world, these shorter days are the frenzy of holiday shopping, the running from one gathering to another, trying to fit it all in. Feeling the pressure of the end of the calendar year to get it all in before it's over!

There's a hurry-up feeling in the air, and coming at us from social media and our social circles. I can feel it even up here living in the middle of nature, far from the rush of the city. It's coming through my phone, through my computer, through those around me, from the electricity in the air. The messages we are getting from Amazon and Target and the world around us are in direct conflict with the messages that Nature is sending this time of year.

Mother Nature says, it's cold, stay inside. Why not make a fire? A cup of tea might be nice. Warm your bones. Eat nourishing foods like root vegetables - there's a reason I made those to last long in storage. They are filled with fuel to nourish you all Winter long.

Mother Nature says, it's dark, get into bed. Put your feet up. You need to rest. You just finished harvesting all the fruits of your labor from the year. Rest now. Store your energy. Germinate seeds and creative ideas. Go inward. Meditate. Write. Create. Create for yourself. Create for the world. But no rush. No pressure. Just flow. And if nothing is coming, take a nap. Take a bath. You don't need to do, you only need to be.

Mother Nature says, I'm out here dying. There's nothing to see, nothing to do. I am dying so that I can be reborn after the snow, after the frost, after the ice. But don't worry about that now, let's enjoy the dying back. The period of rest and nervous system resetting.

Mother Nature says, you are nature too. You are part of me. You are not above me. You are not beneath me. You are part of me. We are one. We are equal. Honor this season. Honor the cycles. The time will come to show off your flowers and dance in the sun. The time now is to allow your body to rest and reset. Follow my lead.

Thanks, Mama. Watching and learning.

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