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When the moon wakes you at 4am

Any efforts to resist are futile

You could pull the comforter up to your chin

Grin on your face with the level of comfort you have achieved in your linen-sheeted bed

You could curl on your side with the pillows stacked just so

And sigh with the delight of your neck not aching

You could close your eyes, tell yourself you love you

And try to dip back into the most fascinating dream

(That was somehow showing you

A topographical map of a story playing out

And about how to reach your lover before their demise)

You could take comfort in the dogs' heavy breaths of sleep

Unbothered by the light shining through the window

You could try all those things

But still she beckons

She's calling you outside

To the early, crisp breeze as Summer flirts with Fall

To the low hum of crickets a soothing, consistent background rhythm

To the rustling sumac leaves swaying - creating big, monster shadows

Moonlight dappling their leaves

To the dark silhouettes of the tall proud maples

To the brightest of stars shining through the moon soaked grey pre-dawn sky

She beckons you

Wanting to soak your full being with her glow

With her knowing

No candlelight necessary

The shadow of your hand across the page created with the strength of her beauty shining down on you

Feeling her comfort

Her assurance

That this precious time together is more valuable

Than another hour of tossing and turning in that comfortable bed

It was worth it to dig through those drawers in the dark

To find your sweat pants that haven't seen the light of day in months

To feel around in your sock drawer for those slouchy socks

To delight in finding your Mexican blanket seemingly carelessly tossed on the couch after yoga yesterday

Turns out you needed easy access to that extra warmth out on the balcony this morning

In the distance a lone rooster begins his wake-up call

The black dog has come to curl beside you on the wicker love seat

Looking up you see the constellations have shifted

She is still watching

Over the rooftop

Smiling down

Happy to see she inspired you

Happy to see you creating in this magic hour

Before the sun bursts through the landscape

Shifting the world to a new day and all the possibilities

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1 Comment

Such a beautiful answering to the beckoning. Thanks for sharing! WL

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