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Jenny is a healer, a problem solver, an herbalist, flower practitioner and energy worker, a writer, a recovering rule follower, and a curious student of spiritual teachings.  She is delighted to make her home in Shokan, NY with her partner, Ariel, and their pups. It is here that she recovered from her years of corporate life - where she was good at her job as a program manager, but never satisfied as she was not aligned with her life’s purpose.  Working for herself and co-creating with the Universe is a dream come true. She is a certified yoga teacher and reiki master - as well as having a degree in English and an MBA from NYU. She is available for private energy sessions and herbal consults. She grows, forages and makes all the herbal potions available in the Jenifer Juniper store.  She looks forward to welcoming and hosting you soon.     


When he moved to the States from Israel a few years ago, Ariel had dreams of being a musician living the hard but fun life in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  The Universe had other plans for him and brought him Upstate shortly after his arrival to NYC. He is a disciplined musician and guitarist and writes his own music when he’s not practicing in his free time.  He’s the guy who gets things done around here and makes sure that progress is made every day. He was a guitar teacher and ran a music school in Tel Aviv and is a natural born teacher - wise beyond his years.  In addition to studying guitar, he also studies meditation and reads lots of books.


Jack London

Jack London is a shy border collie mix that was rescued by Badass Brooklyn from a shelter in Texas.  The only background we have on him is that he was so so scared in the shelter, that he would ‘pancake’ himself to the ground and they would need to put him in a wheelbarrow to get him around :((  He started off with Jenny and Ariel for a few months in Brooklyn where he was terrified on every walk around Williamsburg. No one is more excited than Jack to be living the good life in the country!  He is still working through his fear of people but loves all dogs he meets and is happy as can be sniffing around his yard and playing fetch with found sticks.


Elizabeth von Armin (Lizzy) is also a Badass Brooklyn rescue who was recommended to us as a good companion dog to Jack.  And they were right! - her confidence really helps model behaviour for him. She hails from the streets of Alabama and the only aggressive thing about her is her tail wagging!!  Lizzy loves laying in the sun, rolling around in fresh grass or cold icy snow, and introducing herself to every being that she meets. The lesson we all learn from Lizzy is to not give a sh*t and to do your own thing.  


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