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Forsythia - the harbinger of Spring. You know that warmer days are coming soon when those neon yellow buds of the forsythia open. We have what I call the forsythia jungle here and every year I think about trimming it back or doing something to maintain its wild, but every year, I am just so captivated by its Spring beauty that I let it be. 


This hydrosol has a light grassy and almost smokey honey scent. I've found it deeply nourishing and soothing. Forsythia is anti-inflammatory for the skin and great for acne, skin brightening and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines. As my skin is transitioning from Winter to Spring, it is grateful for the support of this botanical growing right outside the door. They say the plants you need are those closest to you, and I can say that has certainly been my experience with this seasonal ally.


These hydrosols are hand crafted in small batches by distilling fresh raw plant matter in a copper still. A magical alchemical process occurs producing subtly scented aromatic waters that carry the special properties of the plants. The plants were either grown by seed or ethically wildcrafted in the Catskills - by me, for you :) 


Aromatherapy is an ancient powerful healing modality often overlooked in our modern world.  There are countless ways these hydrosols can support us! I use them as part of my skin care ritual and am reaching for them all day long for an instant shift and return to myself.



  • Mist your face and you have the perfect toner for your skincare routine
  • Refresh your body by misting all over
  • Lift your mood with a spritz around your head and crown
  • Clear the energy of your physical space or your personal aura
  • Protect your space and use in sacred ritual
  • Freshen your linens - and set the mood for sleeping and dreaming - by spraying pillowcases and sheets
  • Soothe your nervous system with the gentle scents
  • Flavor beverages
  • Soothe bug bites or inflamed red skin
  • Enhance the scent and herbal constituents of your bath
  • Substitute for water in your own homemade herbal skincare creations


Best if stored in a cool, dry place - even the fridge if you want a refreshing cooling experience.

Use within 12-18 months as per the ‘best by’ date on the bottle


For educational purposes only

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

forsythia hydrosol

  • Hydro-distilled fresh forsythia flowers, and a few leaves and stems

  • We do not offer returns or refunds, but please reach out to us if you have any issues with your order.

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