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calm. Bath Salts - these herbal infused salts will take your bath from a delightful soak to a full body immersive sensory experience. Epsom salts on their own are a fantastic way to soothe your tired and aching body in the tub, but when those salts are infused with herbal oils and dried herbs it takes things to a whole other level! These are also wonderful used in a foot bath.


🌿 The tulsi infused oil is made from tulsi I grew from seed in my garden and tended over along with the bees until it was picked at its freshest, dried and infused into grapeseed oil. Tulsi is known for its tremendous support in calming the nervous system and helping with relaxation.


💜 I went to a local lavender farm a beautiful sunny day in July and harvested gorgeous bunches of the purplest lavender - also tended by the bees. This was then dried and infused in luscious avocado oil. Lavender is an ancient aromatherapy that is used to help with sleep, reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. 


These two oils were added to Epsom salts, along with some supportive essential oils. I also couldn't resist adding in some finely ground tulsi and lavender and topping the whole thing with lavender flowers. A delight for the eyes and the nose!!


This 8 oz jar could be spread across 4 baths, or you could add a generous half jar to one bath. The oils will soothe your skin as the salts work their magic relaxing your tired muscles. Some say that the magnesium can support detoxification and reduce inflammation. The scents of bergamot, lavender and palo santo provide additional aromatherapy for relaxation and calming the nervous system.


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Epsom salt, tulsi infused grapeseed oil, lavender infused avocado oil, finely ground tulsi and lavender, lavender flowers, essential oils of bergamot, lavender and palo santo


Pour between 1/4 to 1/2 of the jar into a warm to hot bath. Swirl the salts around the tub to distribute the oils and herbs and dissolve the salts. Immerse your body, close your eyes and soak it in.


If you don't have a bathtub, these are also amazing to add to a foot bath before bed.


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calm. bath salts