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Calendula (calendula officinalis) Salve

Oh lovely calendula.   Not only are you bright and beautiful and happy, you are nourishing and healing and gentle. And anti-inflammatory, astringent and antimicrobial.  If I had to choose a favorite product, this would be it! It’s truly nothing less than miraculous and a great example of how simple, yet how powerful, healing and medicinal herbs truly are.  This calendula salve is a go-to for nearly all of your dry skin, itchy skin, irritated skin issues - from minor cuts, scrapes and burns, to bruises, to eczema and bug bites, and all the rashes - razor, surfboard, running and diaper.  I carry it in my bag and use it for dry hands and cuticles - even as a face moisturizer. Calendula is said to stimulate tissue, skin cell and collagen production and has been used to prevent wrinkles! Believe me - calendula will mend-u-la :)) 


How do I use it? You can dig in with your finger to get a small amount to apply to your skin.  I use it a few times a day for as many days as it takes (typically a few, but sometimes overnight!) to remedy the issue.  When using on your face as skin care, use when you feel called for the areas you feel need it. I like to use near my eyes or neck and decollatage.  



For educational purposes only 

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

calendula salve

  • (unscented) calendula infused sunflower oil, mango butter, cocoa butter, candelilla wax

    (scented) + frankincense essential oil, geranium essential oil, lavender essential oil

  • We do not offer returns or refunds, but please reach out to us if you have any issues with your order.  

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