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These are the products that I make and use for myself.  You should try them too. I am very particular about what I put on my body - because, y’know, what goes ON your body, goes IN your body.  Once applied to your skin, some of the ingredients enter your body through your bloodstream. Like, into your blood! I want as few ingredients as possible and only those that I can recognize going into this body.  


These are all tried and true recipes that I’ve been tweaking and playing with for years and all are tested by me, my friends and my family.  Everything is organic. Everything is vegan. And now that I live out in the country, whenever I can I use plants that I grow myself or that grow wild on the land!  It’s pretty miraculous how few ingredients you need and how super simple ingredients can work such wonders. The most magical raw ingredients being the herbs and plants.  Some of them growing right in front of our eyes - medicine disguised as weeds! All of the products are freshly made in small batches - handcrafted with ritual, intention and love love love! So much love!

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Most of the products have infused oils as a very special ingredient - made in a very special way.  I infuse the carrier oil (typically sunflower, olive or sweet almond oil) with fresh or dried herbs starting on a new moon.  It’s a lovely way to honor and connect to the new moon and the ritual of beginning something new. The herbs and oil then sit in their mason jar on my shady windowsill at least one moon cycle (usually closer to two or three) - from new moon to new moon - just around 30 days.  Every once in a while the jars get a gentle shake or get turned upside down to keep the potions mixing and flowing. And then when the infusion is complete, the herbs are strained out and composted - and you are left with the magical oil infused with all the goodness and healing properties of the plant! 

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